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Lĩnh vực hoạt động của công ty: / Fields of activity of the company: - Sản xuất sợi/ Producing yarn - Dệt vải/ Knitting - Nhuộm vải/ Dyeing - In vải/ Printing

Technology makes Good quality, and quality makes trust.

Technology is competitiveness.

Ducksan was founded in the 1980s.

Back then the textile industry was out of interest among business circles.
because it was concidered as dying business. however, with the slogan of "quality First"
Ducksan made its first dtep in the knit pile area where Korea had no presence, only dependong on its technology.
Ducksan developed FLEECE with its own technology for the first time in Korea, and established the intergrated production system. By doing so, Ducksan could play a leading role in the industry, having great effects in it.

Creativity is our future.

As a result of its constant efforts for technoiogical innovation based on creative ideas and original technology,
Duckdan's market-leading products have been recognized not only in Korea but in the world for their excellent quality and differented fuctions.
Now our company is exporting special functional knit materials worth tens of millions of dollars.
Each year to world-renowned fashion brands.

Now Ducksan focuses on the environment.

Promise to protect the environment is the basis to earn trust from society and customers. Ducksan has carefully worked to establish eco-friendly and pleasant work environment from the time it newly built the main manufacturing complex measured about 40,000m2. When our company built the dyeing process plant as large as 5,000m2, we first considered the
pollution-free green and clean processing equipment.
Ducksan is designing the future where human, nature, and technology can coexist by changing to a production system of advanced nations that pursues environment protection and technology development together.

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